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They really wanted to throw him out, this was like 1 minute after he came back


:p hilarity demands this goes 7 games and somehow Scott Frost refs game 7


Putting down a mortgage on the Mavs if that happens


Foster's banking on it. He's putting his mortgage on the Suns so no one expects it


As a Mavs fan, this was a pretty bad call. I’d be furious if they called something similar on a Mavs player


They've been to every finals and averaging like 50 calls per game. Dominant.


It was pretty similar to the garbage 5th foul on luka the game before


I’m to the point where I’m equally pissed at bad calls for and against my team. As soon as Luka got that one I’m like “yep, here comes a bullshit makeup call…”


RJ was saying it on the broadcast. CP3 briefly held back Jalen’s arm when he was going for the rebound. That’s why he suddenly pulls back his hands and tries to show he’s not touching him.


if that's a foul then brunson should have fouled out in the 2nd quarter

marton *** ash

No touching the opponents' hands during a rebound!


Two of his fouls were Luka flops too lmao


Luka does all the same shit Harden did in Houston but is loved for it

ghislaine *** ilkers

Every *** in star in the NBA constantly flops. I have no idea how anyone thinks it's localized to a couple players


Ok i hate CP3 but that call is weak af


“Refs swallow their whistle in the playoffs, especially in the 4th quarter. Teams can play more physically.” 🤡

People really need to stop parroting those myths


This isn’t basketball


Karma for the flops


Weakest foul call I’ve seen in the playoffs in a few days


These playoffs have to be among the most dramatic of all time, physical play, injuries, shit talk, bad officiating..


Few things make me happier than Chris Paul fouling out but ...

... that's not a foul.


That’s a very soft foul for the playoffs, especially for a 6th foul.

Why do people believe the “Refs swallow their whistle in the playoffs” myth?


On Mother’s Day too


Ban them for life, shit like this shouldn't fly. Fans have been getting way to bold these last few years, seems like more and more of these type of accidents are happening.


From every arena in the league.


I was at the game and there were some annoying ass drunk dudes harassing a Suns family as we tried to get done the escalator. Saying shit like “Fuck Chris Paul” towards them and their kids. I was telling my gf that was and makes us look so *** ing trashy. Shits embarrassing, like I get getting passionate and excited but no need to direct that shit to the fans of the other team and their families. Just be tactful is what I say, it’s a game it’s supposed to be fun, not full of assholes that take that shit too seriously.


Damn idiots ruining it for the entire fanbase and team.


This is *** ing horrible. Fans have been getting way too *** ing bold the past 2 seasons, they need to crack down on shit like this.


Honestly we’re about to get another malice in the palice if these fans don’t quit their shit it’s like if they are like this during a basketball game that costs hundreds of dollars you bet your ass they are even worse to fast food or retail workers lmao


Linking to the tweet about CP3's mother and wife being attacked by Dallas fans because mods won't let it be its own post.

"A source familiar with Chris Paul's tweet after Game 4 told ESPN that Paul's mother had hands put on her by Dallas fans and Paul's wife was also pushed. To make matters worse, Paul's kids witnessed it. "They felt very unsafe," the source said."


Here’s CP3’s tweet about it too (mods here kept deleting it).

Wanna fine players for saying stuff to the fans but the fans can put they hands on our families…. *** that!!


Broke the code


CP3 going straight nuclear next game, y’all *** ed up hard